Monday, January 28, 2008

Do It Yourself Friction Fit Speedlight Gridspot!

While browsing at Home Depot I came across some white plastic downspout fittings. They were about the same size as my Nikon speedlight and they were available with these plastic clips that I thought would be a nice way to attach coloured gels to the front of the gridspot I wanted to make with them. Check out the pictures below to get the idea. I will end up painting everything black but I left it unpainted for these photos in order to make its construction easier to understand. Also, I think I will replace the cardboard with corrugated plastic. The whole device fits snugly on the end of a speedlight with the help of some strips of foam "paper" that you can get at a craft store. I think in the end it will look quite professional for something that was made entirely with found objects at a cost of under five dollars. I will post images of the completed version with the gels attached.

This is the plastic downspout fitting

This is the clip for the plastic downspout fitting.

This is how the clip attaches. I intend to glue coloured gels to these clips so it is easy to change back and forth between gels.

Becuase the opening is too large, I attached several layers of black foam "paper" to decrease the inside diameter of the fitting. The foam allows for a snug friction fit that does not require you to use tape of velcro to attach the grid to the speedlight.
A sheet of foam large enough to do this job cost me just 99 cents at Michael's craft supply store. These strips will need to be glued in place.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Hi. You can now call me for free using the Jangl widget to your right. According to the Jangl website a Jangle Number is a" “virtual number” that’s not their real number, but works the same way for placing and receiving calls. To call someone, dial their Jangl number. When they call, you’ll see their Jangl number in caller ID. You can even add it to your phone Contacts You can get more info on there website if your interested.